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Plum Homeowner: @debtalkswine (Oakland, CA)

I live in a 713 square foot one bedroom condo in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, CA. You at the time of purchase I bought my home in 2013. At the time, I worked in the wine industry and wasn’t making much. I assumed that the odds of finding anything in my price range were slim. Why did you choose to purchase when you did? I wanted to start building equity. The Bay Area was booming, and renting was stressful. There were lots of packed open houses for subpar places. The rental search wa

Building A Financial Future: Women & Wealth

Financial Women of San Francisco Contributed by Deborah Adeyanju, CFA, Founder, Creative Financial Writing What’s the single most important thing to do to build a successful financial future? That was one of the questions asked, and answered, at the Financial Women of San Francisco’s (FWSF) Women & Wealth Panel on Tuesday, February 11. The powerhouse panel featured Elaine Martyn, Vice President, Relationship Management for the Private Donor Group at Fidelity Charitable®, Susan Mazzetti, Vice President and

Marketplace Loans And Institutional Investors: A Match Made in Heaven? - LendingClub Blog

In this issue of Marketplace Insights, we focus on the dynamics driving institutional investors to marketplace loans. As the marketplace lending industry continues to develop, institutional investors are increasing their allocations to it, putting billions of dollars to work in the sector. Why are institutional investors interested in marketplace loans and how are they accessing them? The marketplace loan industry has experienced rapid growth since its inception 12 years ago, powering the emer

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